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Radiate love with our enchanting arrangement of 18 to 20 red roses, delicately nestled within a heart-shaped black box. Perfect for expressing your deepest affections and adoration. Order now to capture hearts and create unforgettable moments."

Flower care tips

  1. Watering: Ensure that the floral foam or water reservoir in the box is adequately hydrated. Check the water level regularly and top up as needed to keep the foam moist. Avoid overfilling, as excessive water can cause the stems to rot.

  2. Trimming: Trim the stems of the flowers at a 45-degree angle before placing them in the floral foam. This allows for better water absorption and helps the flowers stay hydrated longer.

  3. Avoiding Direct Sunlight: Place the box arrangement in a cool, well-lit area away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Direct sunlight can cause the flowers to wilt prematurely and fade in color.

  4. Refreshing Water: Change the water in the floral foam every 2-3 days to prevent bacterial growth and keep the flowers fresh. When changing the water, trim the stems again to ensure they can absorb water efficiently.

  5. Removing Wilted Flowers: Check the arrangement regularly for any wilted or damaged flowers and remove them promptly. This helps maintain the overall appearance and freshness of the arrangement.

  6. Avoiding Drafts: Keep the box arrangement away from drafts or air vents, as these can cause the flowers to dry out more quickly.

By following these care tips, you can help prolong the beauty and freshness of your box arrangement, ensuring that it continues to delight for as long as possible.