Garden of Serenity

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To keep your arrangement of pink and white mixed flowers in a white flower box fresh and vibrant, follow these care tips:

1. **Watering**: Check the water level in the flower box regularly and ensure that the floral foam or sponge at the base of the arrangement remains moist. Add water as needed to keep the flowers hydrated.

2. **Trimming**: Trim the stems of the flowers every few days, cutting them at an angle to allow for better water absorption. Remove any wilted or dead flowers promptly to maintain the overall appearance of the arrangement.

3. **Location**: Place the flower box in a cool area away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and drafts. Exposure to excessive heat or cold can cause the flowers to wilt more quickly.

4. **Cleaning**: Remove any fallen petals or debris from the flower box to prevent the growth of bacteria, which can affect the remaining flowers. Gently wipe the leaves and petals with a damp cloth if they become dusty.

5. **Misting**: Lightly mist the flowers with water using a spray bottle, especially if the air in your home is dry. This helps to keep the flowers hydrated and fresh.

6. **Avoiding Ethylene**: Keep the arrangement away from fruits and vegetables, as they release ethylene gas, which can cause the flowers to deteriorate more quickly.

7. **Enjoyment**: Finally, take time to enjoy the beauty of your mixed flower arrangement! With proper care, it will continue to brighten up your space for days to come.

By following these care tips, you can extend the lifespan of your pink and white mixed flower arrangement in a white flower box and maintain its freshness and beauty.